How I Started My Own Online Business From Scratch (Part 2)

Part 2 of 2

Welcome back! If you’ve made it here, I’m assuming you’ve already taken a look at part 1, so let’s dive right in.

In this article we are going to take a look at the following steps for starting your online business

  1. Create a user avatar
  2. Build a simple website around my user avatar
  3. Create content that gives value to my user avatar (and add HELPFUL affiliate links)
  4. Automate email communication
  5. Drive traffic to my site

Create a user avatar

This is honestly one of the most important steps in the entire process. 

Knowing who you’re creating all of this content for is going to shape how you do pretty much create all of your content. 

Like it was said in the last article, “If you market to everyone, you’re marketing to no one.” 

So who is the ideal person you’re trying to reach? How old are they? What kind of job do they have and how much do they make? What are their goals for their life? Where do they spend their time? Who are their role models? What are their pain points and challenges? What are they skeptical about and what reservations do they have?

Here’s a quick form to fill out around your user avatar.

Take your time with this!

As you create content, try to keep this sheet close by. Let it influence every sentence of your material and it will add more value than I can even say.

Build a simple website around my user avatar

This step tends to be the scariest for people. Building a website can seem like a lot. 

To be honest, that’s sometimes the truth. However, it’s nothing to be intimidated by. Keeping in mind what our site is for typically keeps things in perspective.

The purpose of a website is to, first of all, PROVIDE INFORMATION.

The main thing a user is wondering when someone visits a site for the first time is “What’s in it for me?” You must answer this with the copy (text) you put on your site.

Keep your site simple, clean, and to the point! 

There doesn’t have to be a lot of words or pictures, but the ones you do use should 

  1. create the feel you’re after for your site, 
  2. resolve the pain points of your user avatar, and 
  3. reinforce what they most want.

PRO TIP: Your site doesn’t have to be perfect at first! Rarely is a site ever “done”. 

To begin with let this be a sort of starting checklist for your site:

  • Homepage
    • Newsletter signup
    • Thank you page (what signing up directs you to)
  • About Page
  • Contact Page
    • Simple Contact Form

Adding tracking to your site is also important, but we can always add that after we write all our content. 

Create content that gives value to my user avatar (and add HELPFUL affiliate links)

Now is the time we want to think about how to add value to your avatar! Keep in mind that this can come in a lot of flavors–it’s not just about writing long articles.

Open your mind to think about the kinds of content people like to consume: blogs, mindless YouTube videos, podcasts, video game walkthroughs, etc… 

Which of these types of media would you most like to produce?

When you create content that is valuable for people and people begin to build a relationship with your brand, you then have the chance to promote other products and services that will also be useful for them!

If, for example, you are creating content such as YouTube videos, you can choose to allow advertising to display in your videos.

If you choose to focus more on email marketing, you can pepper in affiliate links to quality products and services you’re familiar with!

This is where you can begin to see a profit from your efforts.

 You can suggest products and services that you believe in that you know will help your avatar and if they choose to purchase it, you get a commission on it.

Important: Be transparent and honest with your avatar!

People for the most part have a highly tuned BS meter, so if you are just trying to push something that you don’t know much about or is pretty unrelated to your normal content, it will come through.

Automate email communication

Caution: Obvious statement ahead warning

As you get more and more traffic, you’re going to have more and more followers subscribing to your content.

Personally keeping in touch with each person as they sign up on your list isn’t realistic. The key to maintaining contact with your users (and continually adding value) is all about automating messaging where possible.

Lots of reputable services exist out there which make it simple to set up these flows. I’ll be writing an article about this in the near future, but Google “email automation platforms” to get you started! 

Drive traffic to my site

If you’ve made it this far, let’s just pause and appreciate how much you’ve been able to accomplish up to this point! 

When you have your systems configured and up and running, the only thing left to do is let the world know you exist!

Here are some effective ways for getting traffic to your site:

  • Write content that people are searching for. If it’s written with SEO (search engine optimization) in mind, it has a good chance of being discovered organically through search engines like Google or Bing
  • Create an ad on the platform your avatar hangs out on (YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc..)
  • Be social! Contribute to conversations where they happen around your preferred topic on social media and forums
  • Invite well-known bloggers to contribute an article to your site

There are many other ways you can increase awareness of your brand out there, but these are a great place to start!

I hope this has been helpful for you and appreciate you making it this far! If you haven’t already, stay in touch with me by signing up for my newsletter.

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