How to Name Your Business

If you’re here there’s a really good chance that you already have an idea for your business. Congrats 🎉!

If you’ve come up with a business idea, that’s a major step. Now we just have to name it!

Welcome to one of the biggest hurdles you’ll come across for your business.

There’s a lot riding on this, right? I mean, isn’t this the reason naming your business is so difficult?

Why naming your business is so hard and how to fix it NOW

Why it’s so difficult: the reason you can’t find a business name is because your standards for the “perfect” name are unreasonable.

The solution: Change the criteria you have for finding the “perfect” name

This isn’t exactly earth shattering.

I’ll give you an example. Take yourself back to 1998.

If your friend told you about this new company called “Google” I doubt your first reaction would be, “Oh! What a lovely name for a search engine, and a business to boot!”

You probably thought,

What the %@#$ is a “Google”? 

– You back in 1998

Sometimes the names we choose BECOME the perfect name over time!

There’s a lot more I could say about the philosophy behind naming your business or idea, but to be completely honest, these are the sorts of decisions where the best ideas happen at a gut level.

How to Create a List of Candidates and Choose One

  1. Write down words or phrases that spark emotion for YOU
    Listen, your product, service, or idea is like your baby. If you’ve had the privilege of having children, I seriously doubt that the main reason you chose the name(s) you did was because of what strangers around you would think. Note, that probably played a role in what you chose, but it wasn’t the main one.

    You probably named them after a family member, a character from a book that resonates with you, a hero, or maybe you met someone once that made you feel good so you chose that name! Let your business be something similar.

    Choose a name that sparks the emotions that you want to associate with the brand you’re building.
  2. Don’t make it a stressful process
    When was the last time you did anything creative from a place of stress and pressure? If you begin this process coming from a place of excitement, fun, and possibility, you’ll come up with a lot of great candidates!
  3. If you come up with a good idea, let it go for a while!
    I know this sounds a bit crazy, but giving yourself a bit of perspective really works.

    When you come up with a good name, write it down and forget about it for a day or so. Come back to it, read it again, and if it sparks the same sort of feelings as when you first wrote it down, you have a solid candidate!
  4. Made up words / names are fun, but make sure they are memorable (think about the “Google” example)
  5. Don’t overthink it
    Really go with your gut on a task like this.

    The best ideas I’ve ever had almost ALWAYS came to me while I was doing something mindless, in a great mood, or truly being present to the moment.

    I believe that the decision for naming things like this comes first from the heart, so when you feel like you found something, move forward and don’t look back!
  6. Lastly, celebrate when you find it!
    It may sound crazy, but I mean, go get yourself a bottle of champagne or something and celebrate when you select your name!

    It’s the birth of something that has the potential to transform your entire life and make your dreams something you EXPERIENCE and not just something you hope for.


There’s a lot more that can be said here, but I think you get the point!

Go with something that makes you smile, puts you in a good mood, or excites YOU. That way, you’ll find that every time you’re thinking of your business name, you’ll get good feelings from it.

Isn’t that what it should always be like, anyway?

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